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GPS Ratings - Key to Finding the Best System

By Jim Kesel

GPS technology, while a wonderful invention, does not come cheap, at least depending on what unit is bought.

Specialized GPS systems can be close to $10,000, while those designed for general consumer use can be hundreds.

Even simple GPS tracking systems used for just exercise purposes can cost over $100. This is why it is important to find out which GPS system is the best before actually making a purchase. One can do this by reviewing and evaluating GPS ratings.

Online stores are the first type of sites that can offer GPS ratings and reviews. These ratings are usually given by other people who have purchased the product. They are given a chance to vote on how well the product performed, and then are allowed to leave a comment.

The potential buyer sees how many ‘stars' a product received along with the evaluation of other buyers. Ideally the advantage of using ratings through this method is that buyers have no ulterior motive when they rate the product they purchased.

However it is obvious that some ratings are either not from customers or from people who really do not own or use the product.

One must take the time to read between the lines when a review is either too good or too poor. Other sites including those from the manufacture or distributors are design to help you purchase their products. Obviously they lack objectivity which makes their ratings suspect.

Another source of good GPS ratings is found on the many online comparison sites. These sites contain GPS product reviews and comparisons written by professionals.

They may or may not include comments from regular buyers. When it comes to buying, online comparison sites usually do not offer products for sale directly from their URL. Most of them will allow one to purchase through affiliate links, which are posted on the site. These affiliate links direct the visitor to the appropriate online store.

If you search the internet you will sometimes find written opinions and reviews from customers who really like the product or really hate it.

Again GPS ratings from this source must be tempered with caution. Some authors have taken the time to create these ratings because they are trying to get visitors to buy from their affiliate links. Blogs that discuss GPS system technology are another source of ratings that can be used to compare GPS products.

Others give ratings simply out of love of product function and design wanting to make sure potential customers get the best value for their money. Although these sites may not contain as much information as the more professional comparison sites, they may be a bit less overwhelming if one is trying to decide among just a couple of GPS brands.

If you plan on purchasing a GPS receiver, it would be wise to first visit a number of websites containing credible GPS ratings. These can be from online stores, comparison sites or third-party sites created by individuals. Through these ratings one can get an idea of how effective and reliable a GPS unit is without risking an investment.

James Kesel, MS is the Publisher of GPS Auto Tracker providing information on GPS Ratings the latest GPS Tracking and Navigation systems.

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