Strike King Tri-Wing Buzz King Bait Chartreuse

Strike King Tri-Wing Buzz King Bait Chartreuse Blue

Bait came with a “stiff” blade. Not sure if intentional or not, but it brings one hell of an interesting squeak that i can hear even from the longest cast i can…As for how it catches bass, wont know that for another couple weeks
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Megastrike Strikeback Double Colorado

Megastrike Strikeback Double Colorado Spinner Bait

The Megastrike StrikeBack spinnerbait allows for a deeper hook set because of the freedom in movement of the hook. No matter what direction a fish attacks the StrikeBack, the hook or tail section will move freely into the fishes mouth as it is inhaled increasing your hook up ratio and eliminating most short strikes. Continue Reading →

Strike King Mini Pro-Buzz Bait ,Chartreuse

Strike King Mini Pro Buzz Bait Chartreuse, 0.125 Ounce

“This is a good lure to throw when the Bass are laying low and ignoring the more traditional offerings like plastics and crankbaits , especially during the hard-fished days of late spring and summer.” Continue Reading →