PowerBait FW Ripple Shad, Holographic Gold

PowerBait FW Ripple Shad Fishing Bait, Holographic Gold Black Back, 2-Inch

I’m looking around to restock this lure in 3″. Last year there were 10 to a package this year 8 to a package. On Amazon I have no clue as to how many are in a package. This would be nice to see in the description.
Great lure, rig it right and use a no stretch line so you can feel it working. One pack is never enough.

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Berkley GCCL Gulp Catfish Chunks Bait, Liver

Berkley GCCL Gulp Catfish Chunks Bait, Liver

“This catfish bait is as good or better than natural bait for cat fishing; it stay on the hook, and can be reused if it remains on the hook after a fish takes the bait; it is not as messy as punch bait or some natural baits to use.” Continue Reading →

Gulp FW Catfish Shad Guts Bait, Bloody Guts

Gulp FW Catfish Shad Guts Fishing Bait (Bloody Guts)

“We were fishing in a farm pond which hasn’t been stocked in for ever, so we didn’t know how many fish to expect. I caught a bass within 3 min of casting out and a sunfish 10 min later. We also had numerous bites and false starts. So, fish will totally go for this bait. As a bonus, the “worm” stayed on the hook through both landings. “ Continue Reading →