3 Places Where You Always Find Catfish

3 Places Where You Always Find Catfish

By Chris Coen

There are many factors that determine the success rate of your catfishing. The gear you’re using is probably one of the most important ones among them. I’ve seen many people who go deep into learning the various techniques and tricks to catch catfish, but they didn’t catch any. You know why?

The obvious reason is that you can’t catch big catfish unless you come prepared with the proper equipment.

Because each catfish species requires different equipment, you need to think seriously before you get anything. Most people think that it’s more than enough to have the right catfishing gear and techniques to catch as many catfish as you want to.

The fact is that there are many other factors you need to look at before you start harvesting catfish.

One of the most important factors that will make a big difference in your catfishing, is of course the time of fishing. As expert anglers can fish in anytime, a beginner needs to go catfishing in the times where the catfish goes out to feed. If you make sure that all the previous factors are taken care of, you now need to consider choosing the right location. Here are three locations where you always find catfish:

1- Catfish hideouts (Holes):
River’s holes are probably one of the most preferred spots for a catfish to hide in. The reason for this is that these deep places have less water activity, which allows the catfish to rest. The other reason is that nothing hates sunny days like catfish do. Because this fish relies heavily on your bait’s scent, you need to pass it near these holes in order to make it go out and grab it.

2- Deep waters (ponds):
If you happen to go catfishing in a local lake, make sure to go after deeper waters. Catfish prefers places where there are rocks, holes and trees. So take that to your advantage.

3- Ponds:
In ponds, you usually find catfish in the deepest waters especially if there is a dam. These dams are present there to prevent fish generally from migrating. If you go after these spots, especially in late winter, then you’re going to fill your bucket in no time.

If you want your catfishing to be as effective as you want it to be, you need to study catfish seriously. If you become familiar with all the location that your catfish might be hiding, feeding or breeding in, then you have a great chance at catching it easily.

Chris is a catfishing enthusiast. He enjoys catfishing big catfish as well as teaching others to do the same. Here are some catfishing tips [http://www.catfishfacts.org/catfishing-tips/] to help you catch more catfish. For more information on the most effective catfishing equipment, check out: catfishing gear [http://www.catfishfacts.org/catfishing-gear/]

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