How Many Taste Buds Do Catfish Have ?

Catfish Bait – How Many Taste Buds Do Catfish Have ? Details Here!

By Mark Fleagle

Catfish are an amazing and adaptive game fish that are also excellent table fare. They can thrive in small ponds as well as the strong tail waters of some large river systems.

They can eat day and night either animal mater or vegetable matter and you can you can learn to use either as a catfish bait.

Catfish can live in water temperatures approaching 100 degrees or live comfortably under the ice, and continue feeding in either habitat condition. You are probably wondering how they can do that? Well we are going to discuss a few of the reasons in our article today.

In order for catfish to survive and adapt to such extreme habitat conditions they need to have a special anatomy. The catfish has a highly sensitive nervous system that includes a elaborate taste system.

Many pro catfish anglers know and understand this fact about catfish and prepare their catfish bait that will stimulate the big and smaller catfish’s tasting senses. Catfish also have good sight and great hearing.

The catfish needs their sensitive nervous system to be able to adapt to so many different habitats.

Scientists have given the extremely sensitive senses a special name that combines all of their acute senses together. This unique name is called chemoreception, and includes a combination of the catfish senses (smell, taste, feel, vision and hearing).

The chemoreception of catfish is critical to the catfish if they are to survive by avoiding predators, locating fish the species as them, and reproduction at spawning time.

The catfish’s sense of taste is incredible. For example the channel catfish can actually taste your catfish bait from 15 feet away! Catfish have openings on both sides of there nose and they are called “nares” These nares lead to small channels inside the catfish called folds.

Catfish have more then 140 folds which enable them to taste foods from such long distances. Many catfish anglers use this to their advantage when they are concocting their special secret catfish baits.

Also chumming is a very successful way to attract catfish to your area because of the catfishes exception taste buds.

The catfish is built for taste. On their head they have 7 taste buds per square millimeter. On their barbells (whiskers) they have 25 taste buds per square millimeter.

On their lips they have 10 taste buds per square millimeter. On their mouth the catfish has 5 to 25 taste buds per square millimeter. On their gills they have 7 taste buds per square millimeter with some areas as high as 50 taste buds per square millimeter.

Over all the catfish has 20,000 internal taste buds, and externally they have 175,000 taste buds. The bottom line this fish species is flat built for taste!

Well folks that concludes my article about catfish bait and the catfishes senses. I wish the best of luck on your next fishing trip. Have a great day!

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