Fish Finders – How Can I Find Those Elusive Catches?

Fish Finders – How Can I Find Those Elusive Catches?

By Mike Singh

Aside from your rod and your tackle, there are few pieces of fishing equipment today that are more productive or important than fish finders.

Known by the Military as sonar, the fish finder concept was originally developed by the United States Navy 75 years ago to detect the presence of elusive and dangerous enemy submarines.

Today this wonderful tool allows anglers to locate where the fish may be hiding at any given moment. Fish finders also allow the angler to track the movement of a school of fish that they would otherwise not even know were moving at all.

One of the best aspects of finders is that there is no limit on the size or shape of the boat you are using.

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This means that you could use finders on massive vessels, or very small one-man boats that are merely for leisure.

When you need to attach the finders to a boat, it is a very simple process, making for far less fuss time and far more tracking time.

The finders generally have an instrument that looks like a thermometer that drops into the water on a wire or cord. What is transmitted from that tool that you place in the water is posted on the fish finders screen demonstrating the layout and depth of the lakebed or other water bodies lower depths.

There are many great fish finders on the market today, that will allow the angler the opportunity to search for the elusive catch by way of sonar tracking.

What this means is that when you use finders you can see fish below the boat, or if they are moving you will be able to track their movements and perhaps intercept them at another location.

This method of tracking fish with the use of finders has made the fishing industry a very strong and resourceful field.

Not only are the average anglers using fish finders to locate fish, so too are the larger fishing companies that rake in mass amounts of fish on a daily basis for purpose of market sales to the general public.

This form of sonar now known as fish finders can be purchased at just about any outdoors shops, where tackle, rods, reels, and various other fishing gear is sold.

The finders depending on the class and features can be purchased at relatively cheap prices and more often than not will serve as a great tool for your fishing trip.

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