What is a Texas Rig?

What is a Texas Rig?

By Jamie L Roberts

Fishing a Texas rig is very popular among bass fisherman, however, it can be used on other species as well. It is a technique used primarily for soft plastic baits.

It works great with plastic worms, grubs or even lizards.

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It’s done by slipping the head of your worm onto the hook; once you get to the part of the hook that starts to bend, stop, and thread the hook through the bottom of the worm.

Then slide your worm all the way down to the eyelet.

Once you’ve done this, spin your hook around and let the worm hang freely next to your hook.

Mark the spot where your hook is furthest down the worm–this is where you will thread your hook back through the worm.

Then let your hook ride on top off your worm and your done. You can bury the tip of your hook back into the worm to make it weedless.

I know some anglers who fish their Texas rig with just a hook and no weight.

This affects your presentation, as the bait will fall slower.

Sometimes, when the fish are not as aggressive, this technique can be more effective. But if your fishing in thick weed beds, your going to have trouble getting your worm down in the thick vegetation, due to the lack of weight.

This technique also takes more patience to allow your weight to hit the bottom.

Therefore, I like to use a slip-on bullet shaped sinker, it cuts through the vegetation well and I can fish faster. I know the more water I cover, the better chances I have of catching more fish.

I also like to use a glass bead between my hook and sinker. It protects my knot and makes a clinking sound every time my sinker clashes against it–just another way to get the fishes attention.

When choosing your hook, you can go with a straight shank hook or an offset hook. The offset hook is designed to prevent your bait from sliding.

However, due to the offset design, when you set the hook, you tend to blow the fishes mouth open and as a result, you miss more strikes. A straight shank hook is in-line with your fishing line and because of this, you will get a better hook set and land more fish.

Author: Jamie L Roberts
I have been fishing for a number of years and I have acquired some proven techniques that I believe will help most fisherman. You can read my blogs at http://fishermansbox.com

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