Crappie Fishing Tips

Crappie Fishing Tips

By Robert Tannery

Crappie fishing tips helps you locate crappie as the seasons change, crappie have a migration path that they move to when seasons change. In the spring the crappie will move to the shore lines to lay their eggs, usually March through April each year when water temperatures reach 62 to 68 degrees.

I have seen crappie so shallow the top fin was out of the water. Scan your sonar for shallow underwater ledges, these drop-offs will fall ten feet or more, and shallow ditches, cuts and gullies near bank-side bluffs or coves.Valuable crappie fishing tips is fishing the edges which are especially productive when found near weed beds, timber stands, brush piles or bridges. Crappie will stay in cooler water temperatures of 75 degrees.

Crappie are layer fish, what this means is that they are always at a certain depth, on the bottom, or could be suspended, the key is finding that depth and fishing for crappie in the active mode, just stay consistent with that depth.

Using these crappie fishing tips will help you to catch these fish by using minnows with a slip cork, jigs, small spinner baits, or beetle spins that mimic baitfish. Always be mindful of colors if one color works good, another color may be excellent. No matter what you use, get back to the same depth every time and you will get bit.

Crappie fishing tips for this time of the year Bass also share the spawn grounds with crappie. I have learned that what bass will bite so will crappie because they use the same shallow waters during spawn. Now remember, when the spawn is over then the crappie retreat back to bridges and timber in deeper water. These are a very important crappie fishing tips, they go back to 75 degree waters.

I am going to give you some more important crappie fishing tips to carry with you to the lake, pond or river when you go crappie fishing. Information is key, stop by and ask your marina dealer what technique is hot (minnows, lures, jigs- ask what colors and how deep), most marina managers will know from fishermen that have been crappie fishing, what’s going on that day or week.

Carry a certified measuring stick. Other important crappie fishing tips is that most lakes have minimum length for crappie usually 10″ so it’s important to measure them, quantity 25 each per day per person in most states. Make sure that your fishing license is not out of date. Game wardens frown on expired fishing license.

In the south they will give you what I call a “Certificate of Award” in other words a ticket per fish that’s under minimum length means that all your fishing that day for crappie, in your possession less than 10 inches must go back in the lake. This could make that check-it stick for 30 bucks look cheap.

Please have a look at our articles, products, resources and additional information located thru-out We strive to provide only quality content, so if there is a specific topic related to crappie fishing tips that you would like us to cover please contact us via e-mail and we will do our best to include it in So get out there a have a great day crappie fishing on your favorite lake, pond or river and put these crappie fishing tips to the test.

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