Perks Of Perch Fishing

The Perks of Perch Fishing

By Adam J Fisher

If you love to fish then you will quickly realize that there are a numberless variety of different fish just out there waiting to be caught. To really experience all that fishing has to offer, you should try fishing for different kinds of fish.

Fish behave in different ways. Some are more aggressive while others are more passive. Some love the mainstream waters while others enjoy the solitude and shelter of calm water that provides shelter.

That being said, one of the most popular forms of game fishing is that of perch fishing.

One of the beauties of perch is that not only is it fun to catch, it is also delicious to eat. That way you are getting the best of both worlds when you go out to try and catch it. Perch can be caught from the shore or you can use a boat to go out and maximize your efforts.

Make sure you have a dependable rod that will be able to handle fish up to around 5 lbs so that you don’t lose your prize catch because your equipment was not up to par.

Lake perch are usually best caught around dawn or dusk when they are out feeding. You might try using a minnow for bait and mixing up your tackle as you go along to see what it is getting you some bites.

Perch fishing can be peaceful and exciting at the same time. While you wait for bites you get the opportunity to reflect on life, and then when you get a bite it can be a real adrenaline rush.

Perch are a perfect species to fish for you want a little more of a challenge then what a Bluegill or sunfish can offer. They are slightly harder to catch and grow somewhat larger then Bluegill. Similar methods can be used to catch Perch as sunfish, but offer a little more excitement than Bluegill fishing as they offer a better fight once on the line. Like many freshwater species Perch are found in schools so once you catch one you know that you will soon have many more on the line.

Here are some additional perch fishing tips that can help you have a successful fishing trip. When you start to catch perch, use a small shiner as bait as you will catch the larger perch in the school. Look for lily pads or other underwater vegetation that can help cover and protect perch from predators. Larger perch can be caught in the spring near the shorelines as they are spawning at this time of the season.

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