Berkley Gulp 6 inch Nightcrawlers

Berkley Gulp 6 inch Nightcrawlers

“At first glance, wasnt super excited about these. The dont look that real. They come together sausage-style and you have to pull them apart.
HOWEVER, once I got them in the water…. Bluegill… Bluegill… Bluegill after Bluegill after Bass after Bluegill.”

Berkley Gulp! 6 inch Nightcrawlers 2.5-oz. Jar

    • Made using the highest quality materials
    • Engineered to help anglers catch more fish
    • The most trusted name in all fishing gear
    • Extruded nightcrawlers have similar look and feel of live bait

The extruded nightcrawlers are durable and biodegradable

  • Can be dangled from floats, rigged like plastic worms or any other way you fish nightcrawlers
  • An effective alternative to live nightcrawlers
  • Available in natural color; measures 6-inch length
Berkley Gulp 6 inch Nightcrawlers

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