Gamakatsu Circle Offset Point Octopus Hook

Gamakatsu Circle Offset Point Octopus Hook Pack Of 25 (Black, 7/0)

Gamakatsu Circle Offset Point Octopus Hook-Pack Of 25 (Black, 7/0)

  • Closed Eye
  • Forged Steel
  • Barbed
  • Off-set point
  • Made in Japan

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Fishing Hook Styles and Uses

Fishing Hooks Styles and Uses

By Iain S Loveman

Select your fishing hook style for the fish species your fishing!
Ever really thought much about, what your fish is swallowing besides your bait?
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Tips on Using Crankbaits

Tips on Using Crankbaits

By Dennis M Mitchell

Crankbaits can be one of the most productive baits you can fish. I discovered how productive crankbaits can be several years ago. Crankbaits are very versatile and can be used in many situations and under a variety of conditions.
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