Ontario Brook Trout Fishing

Ontario Brook Trout Fishing

By Rolland Meigs

For some of the best Brook trout fishing in the world you need to go to Ontario. Ontario has over one quarter of a million lakes and streams.

Possibly you could fish a new stream or Lake on every different trip you take and never fish the same place twice.

It’s also possible, to be fishing for Brook trout where nobody else has before you.

Fishing streams.

Some of the easiest, and most rewarding Brook trout fishing you’ll ever have, will be fishing the many streams of Ontario.

Whether it’s from the northern reaches, or central Ontario, to southern Ontario it really doesn’t matter, because there are Brook trout streams located in all these areas.

The bigger Brook trout will however come from central and northern Ontario.

Although in the southern Ontario you will find many Brook trout in the 14 to 16 inch range. Most of the streams in southern Ontario run through pasture land and through cedar bush.

My personal favorite is fishing the streams and northern Ontario. When fishing the streams in southern and central Ontario one my favorite tactics is to fish the culverts that are located on back roads.

What you look for is a nice spring fed stream that passes under the roads. You can find the streams either by driving the back roads, or get a topographical map and looking at it.

One of the most successful methods I’ve used for fishing these culverts, is to float a warm back underneath about halfway , and Brook trout being the aggressive feeders they are, will usually bite right away.

So be sure to fish these back road culverts, as they are overlooked by most of the trout fisherman.

Lake fishing.

Lake fishing for Brook trout is possibly, one of the most relaxing ways to catch this fish. The majority of lakes that I fish for Brook trout are located in northern Ontario.

The two most common methods I use are, drifting and still fishing. When drifting I usually will be floating a worm behind the boat as I drift along, using some weight to have the worm just bouncing off the bottom.

Also, when I drift fishing lots of times I would just cast to the shore and retrieve back to the boat. When casting the shoreline look for fallen trees, and points that jut out from the shoreline.

When still fishing for Brook trout I will either use worms, or small minnows. In the northern Ontario lakes that I fish in, I will still fish for Brook trout at the many beaver huts that dot the shore line of the lakes. Also I will anchor off many of the different points that jut out into the lake.

I hope this article will answer, and motivate you to come to Ontario for world-class Brook trout fishing. For more information go to my website http://www.ontariobrooktrout.info

Author: Rolland Meigs

Don’t know where the Brook Trout Hide? When You Find A spot can’t catch them? Brook Trout are beautiful trout and easy to catch if you know the right methods. If you need more help visit our site and sign up for our free newsletter. http://www.ontariobrooktrout.info

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