Sweet Steelhead Hole

Sweet Steelhead Hole

By Robert R Smith

I have often been asked where my favorite Steelhead fishing hole is.

Well that is a loaded question and I often wonder if I were to tell some one if they would even believe me or if I would get that look of disbelief or just have them walk away shaking their heads.

Steelhead fisherman are different from most in that they fish numerous holes looking for where the steelhead will lay from day to day.Most of us have holes we believe will be holding fish why else would we be out fishing.

To tell someone that if you fish here or there you will catch some Steelhead is hard to do as the fish will hold in different water from one day to the next and they even will switch through out the day.

I can tell you that when looking for that perfect Steelhead hole dry different drifts different flows and different seams.

Once you bump a Steelhead then you will know that they are using that particular type of water and that is where I concentrate my efforts for the next little bit.

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If you keep getting hits then you have found a sweet spot enjoy it as it may soon change and you will need to start finding the next spot.

I don’t know how many times I have been watching people fish and they keep drifting the same seam time after time and they are not catching anything.

You need to be flexible try different seams, fish the whole width of the river if you are not picking up any fish then think about moving.

We all think we know what Steelhead water looks like the trouble is that depending on the day the Steelhead may just prefer some other type of water.

Normally when you do find that spot you can pick up another fish in the same drift. Be flexible though once things seem to be slowing down maybe they are holding just feet from where you are fishing.

Steelhead, Salmon and Trout Fishing has been a passion of mine since I was a young boy.

Most of my free time was spent on lakes and streams here in the northwest, and I have picked up on some interesting facts about fishing for these species over the last 45 years.

I would like to share them with you through articles and at my websites I hope you find them helpful and enjoyable. So please stop by check out some information or just stock up on your fishing gear. Hope to see you on the river!

RR Smith

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