Secret Ontario Walleye Fishing Tactics

Secret Ontario Walleye Fishing Tactics

By Daniel Eggertsen

Ontario walleye fishing is a very popular pastime for vacationers to the province in Canada.
In fact, because there are so many fine fishing locations to cater to this desire, a number of prestigious, accommodating resorts have been built for visiting anglers from all parts of the globe.

In fact, as there are over 70,000 fish able lakes in Ontario, fishing options never cease.

You can choose to make your vacation any one of a number of different kinds, ranging from simple drive-in resorts to deluxe boat-in locations, or you can even opt for an Ontario fishing trip that takes you to a prime fly-in lodge, where you’ll be secluded from the busy urban world in a remote area on a lake, allowing you to relax and enjoy nature.

Whether you are looking for large quantities, a trophy fish, or simply a few fillets for a shore lunch, you can find what you are looking for in Ontario.

Choose to rent a cabin and cook for yourself in solitude, or stay at a star resort where your meals are prepared and your every wish and desire are fulfilled.

If you are anxious to get away from society, check out your Ontario walleye fishing fly-in vacation options on the various walleye lakes.

At any of these, you’ll be chartered in an out of the remote location, left to your own means for the specified period of time, and able to select your preferred fishing location on a near-private lake (most of these walleye resorts have only a few cabins on a lake that are far apart for the satisfaction of those seeking solitude).

Pickerel Arm Camp has nine different cabins, each on a different fly in lake in Northwestern Ontario, giving you total solitude from other fishermen, as well as from the hustle and bustle of every day society.

The Sydney Lake Lodge is also an excellent fly in Ontario walleye fishing location, with accommodations provided in Woodland Caribou Park.

Anderson’s Lodge in Northwestern Ontario promises some of the finest walleye fishing in the world, calling the Fish Lac Seul the Walleye Capital.

Barber’s Resort isn’t a fly in location, but the fishing here is first-class, taking place off a series of interconnecting lakes in the Minaki area.

The Winnipeg River system in the same area also plays home to the Big North Lodge and Outposts, where you can find great walleye fishing at numerous lakes, including Gun Lake, Big Sand Lake, and Little Sand Lake.

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