Walleye Behavior

Walleye Behavior

By Jamie L Roberts

Fishing for walleye can be frustrating, the most frustrating part is finding the strike zone. Walleye are a cold water fish, so when the temperature heats up, they head for deeper waters where it is cooler.

As night time rolls around, they come up closer to the surface to feed, or even head to the shallows. Once you find the depth at which they are feeding, the battle is half way over. Just remember that they are a cold water fish, and this will help you locate walleye.

Walleye have big glassy eyes that are designed to see in low-dim light. So they like to forage at night or in the twilight hours when they have a distinct advantage over their prey.

There have been experiments done regarding the feeding habits of walleye; and they have yielded clear-cut results: walleye are just more active at night or in the twilight hours.

I have also read that walleye have sensitive eyes, and this is why they are more active at night, because their not comfortable in the bright sunlight. I don’t know if this is true, however, I do now for a fact, that walleye are more active at night and it really doesn’t matter why.

Bait fishing for walleye is very effective and for this reason it is very common. The number one bait to use for walleye is the minnow, it can be alive or dead.

Another good bait is the night crawler, you don’t even need the whole worm depending on their size. I have also had good luck with leeches. All three of these baits work great, but you need to know how to rig them up and you need the right tackle.

One thing you will want to have in your tackle box is, the “Lindy No Snag Slip-Weight” these work great for trolling. These weights are also perfect for the “Carolina Rig” and work great with 3-way swivels.

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You will also need a good collection of jigs. If your fishing with jigs, you don’t need to use the Carolina rig or a 3-way swivel. Just get a variety of sizes, if it’s windy, you will need a heavier jig. If your trolling, you will need a lighter jig to prevent snags.

For lures that work with walleye, I like the jerk baits (long skinny minnows with a small plastic lip) just remember to get the ones that float if your using the Carolina rig. Crankbaits also work well for fishing in the shallows. Plastic grubs and worms work great for the Carolina rig.

Author: Jamie L Roberts
I have been fishing for a number of years and I have acquired some proven techniques that I believe will help most fisherman. You can read my blogs at http://fishermansbox.com

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