Walleye Fishing on Lake St Clair

Walleye Fishing on Lake St Clair

By Andrew Martinsen

Walleye fishing on Lake St. Clair can offer some of the best fishing for anglers anywhere. This great lake offers plenty to anglers from all over, with over four hundred and fifty square kilometers located in Windsor, Ontario.

Whether you are looking for Walleye fishing during the winter months or in the warmer summer season, you are sure to catch what you came for.

The average water depth for this beautiful lake is around three meters, with no spot deeper than eight meters, and it is connected to Lake Erie on the south end and Lake Huron on the northern part.

Lake St. Clair is the favorite haunt of many anglers because of the size and number of Walleye in these cool clear waters.

The American side of the lake close to the shipping channel has an abundance of fish during most of the year, and bottom bouncers along with crawler harnesses seems to work wonders with the Walleye in this area.

The fish like to hang between eighteen and twenty two feet of water here.

The Belle River Hump is another area where most anglers report having great luck most of the time, as well as the area close to Mitchell’s Bay just south of the XE2 buoy. Using red beads and hammered gold blades seem to be very effective in these areas as well.

Walleye naturally feed in the early morning and late afternoon, usually around dawn and dusk, and fishing at these times will improve your odds of catching a large number of fish.
These fish also like to feed on the bottom, so using bait which will bounce or drag along the bottom of the lake may surprise you with excellent results.

Evening fishing offers the best results, using lures and jigs that resemble minnows and worms. Rock piles and weed beds are fantastic places to locate Walleye, and so are underwater structures such as reefs.
Walleye will follow the bait fish, so when you see these types of fish you can almost guarantee that there will be Walleye following.

Sometimes the best way to catch that trophy Walleye on Lake St. Clair or any other body of water is to move away from the herd and find spots that are not over fished.
Use a fish finder to locate numbers of fish which are not following the usual pattern, checking areas of the lake that other anglers say is a waste of time.

With walleye fishing, the biggest part to taking a trophy fish is to think outside of the usual ways and take a chance. Twenty percent of anglers catch more than eighty percent of Walleye, and this is true of the trophy fish as well.

These anglers have such great results because they know the true secret to fishing any body of water for Walleye, and that is that these fish are unpredictable, and may be at any place during any time, no matter what time it is or what the weather may be.

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