What Walleye Lures Slam the Big Fish

What Walleye Lures Are Most Likely to Slam the Big Fish

By Bob Fiesthumel

Within recent years there have been several remarkable new advancements in walleye baits and lures.

These innovative new products have changed the way walleye fishing is done, giving anglers a more sophisticated advantage and greatly increasing their degree of success.

Here are some of the best new walleye baits and lures to try this season:

Probably the most consistent method, jigging will work all year round. The PK Floating Jigs are some of the most realistic walleye lures on the market.

Apex Floating Jighead (Pack of 5), Yellow/Orange

Apex Floating Jighead (Pack of 5), Yellow/Orange

  • Rig with live bait for the ideal walleye jig
  • Razor-sharp, super strong hooks
  • Five per pack
Apex Floating Jighead (Pack of 5), Yellow/Orange

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The latest minnow-shape uses a brand new design to mimic erratic movements, making these incredibly effective walleye lures even without being tipped with live bait. With live bait they become even deadlier walleye lures.

Another great new product to be sure to try is the Berkely Gulp! live bait substitute. Gulp! adds 400 times more scent than the real thing, attracting walleye from a greater distance and allowing you to cover more water in less time.

This live bait substitute will make your walleye lures much more effective.

Whether you’re casting with the drop and lift method, vertical jigging, or trolling, jigs will always be a staple in any serious walleye fishing tackle box. They are walleye lures that most walleye fisherman turn to when the bite is soft — especially in the spring.

Crankbaits are a go-to method for those interested in catching the big one. They can be casted or trolled, and can cover a lot of water depths. Some of these walleye lures will dive deeper than others so you’ll have to experiment a little.

The Salmo Hornets and Reefrunners are both tried-and-true walleye lures sure to work time and again. These are becoming very popular crankbaits amongst walleye anglers everywhere, and for good reason. Also keep your eye out for the new PK cranks this spring, which use a patented, new flat-sided design. They displace more water, giving these walleye lures more vibration and flash than any other crank on the market.

For ice fishing or clear water situations, spoons are very successful walleye lures. A good spoon should most importantly mimic the movement of an injured baitfish, which is an art-form that continues to evolve in the walleye fishing industry. PK’s new spoons are the product of a focused effort to perfect this movement over the years, and are promising new walleye lures. The flutterfish have a similar effect, representing baitfish late in the dying cycle and depicting their final struggle for life.

One of the most exciting fishing lures to ever hit the market is the revolutionary new Biopulse lure. This fishing lure comes from a leading scientific team and uses neurosensory stimulation by emitting specific light waves and sound, as well as a powerful scent that is injected into the fishing lure itself. When the fish hits, a neurological agent is released that ensures it will keep biting and stay on your line.

Bullet Weights Bottom Bouncers (2-1/2-Ounce)

  • Favorite tool of Walleye anglers,6 each
  • Helps keep your bait off bottom of the lake
  • Keeps your bait where the fish can get to it
  • Standard unpainted body
  • Size: 1/8 ounce; Bag of six

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These are just a few new products to try this season. Keep your eye out for new PK trollers, spinners, and bottom bouncers as well. Like with anything, walleye lures change as we learn what makes them more effective. The better you keep up with the technology, the more fish you will catch. Walleye fishing will always be a challenge. By ignoring the latest innovations, your advantage is forfeit to the fisherman in the next boat. So don’t get caught scratching your head this season. The advantage is yours!

Bob Fiesthumel, Tom Lehe and Pat O’Grady write for http://www.walleyecentral.com and [http://www.hotrigtackle.com] Bob and Tom act as the creative writers and Pat brings his 35 years of experience to the writing sessions. Pat has been used numerous times as a consultant for In Fisherman articles and he has a new line of lures hitting the national stage this spring (PK Lures).

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