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Fish Finder Frequently Asked Questions Volume 2

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I am looking for a recommendation or two for a fish finder. Here is what I am looking for in the way of features:
1) It needs to be portable (I don't own my own boat)
2) It needs to be suitable for typical northern Ontario lakes as well as the great Lakes region.
3) If possible, I would like it to work for ice fishing too.
4) Depth finder & Fish Finding features should be top notch.
5) GPS would be nice, but not absolutely essential. Same for colour display.
6) Best bang for the buck...obviously.
Perhaps you could recommend the good, better, and best models that fit my need?
A price range would be good to know as well.
Dave W

The Lowrance X67 Ice Machine
Would be my first recommendation but the "soft" water season will require a optional transducer or you might want to purchase a Humminbird 383C Portable Fishfinder

I'd like to connect my new Lowrance iFINDER H2Oc Handheld Mapping GPS Receiver to my
Humminbird Matrix 77C Fish Finder. Can this be done? What would be the benefits / feature gain that I can expect in doing so? What interfacing components would I have to purchase? Where can I get them?
Dan McC

Yes, the two can be connected together to have the GPS transmit the GPS coordinates to the Humminbird model. You require the data interface cable PC-DI8. You may order this item through your local retailer, or your may get in touch with Lowrance at 1-800-661-3983 to obtain this part. The retail price of this item would run $72.00.

You would need to remove the serial connector to expose the wires that will allow you to connect to the NMEA wires on the Humminbird product.

Accessories supported by your Humminbird system include: Temp/Speed, WeatherSense Fishing Condition Monitor, GR4 GPS Recievers, GPS Connection Cable (which allow you to connect to other NMEA GPS compatible devices), Smartcast Wireless Sonar Link and a PC Connect Cable for Humminbird software updates.

Your Lowrance iFinder H20 is compatible with optional Lowrance FreedomMaps™ and Navionics® Gold, Classic and HotMaps™ electronic charts. Once you have the compatible components (GPS), you will be able to map waypoints.