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Fish Finder Frequently Asked Questions Volume 4

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I am in the market for a GPS/FISHFINDER. I would like to know more about Humminbird Sidefinders compared to regular units. What is best value for about $1000 ?
Ed T

"It's all in the details. Gain a 180 degree side-to-side perspective on the world below the surface with remarkable Humminbird® Side Imaging®.

In an instant, the ultra-thin beam scans the area up to 240 feet to the left and right of your boat location—for total coverage of up to 480 feet.

The return image for each slice is then added to the images taken immediately before and after to build an incredible view of the lake bottom.

You can then magnify the detail of the image with the zoom feature or mark the GPS location of promising cover or structure directly on the screen.

Side Imaging's high-frequency beams reveal structure, cover, and contour changes with crystal clarity. The images are so real you might think it’s a camera, but it’s not, so it doesn’t matter how murky the water is."

Learn More Here: Side Imaging Tutorial

Everything you wanted to know about how the sonar works. Prices for fish finders vary, so you will have to focus on your application.

What is it that you really want to accomplish?