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Fly Fishing And The Right Equipment

By Jeff Ryall

Fly Fishing at Sunset

When fly fishing you need a calm temperament, be able to switch off and keep repeating the same technique without getting frustrated. This is half the battle, the other half is the right equipment.

Of course you need sun glasses so you do not have to squint from the sun and maybe a hat but most importantly the tackle makes all the difference.

When choosing a rod, should you go for a modern composite graphite rod or an
old fashioned bamboo rod?

Should you choose a rod for one particular water or setting or go with a multi purpose rod. All these factors will come into the equation when choosing a rod to cast your flies.

Talking of flies, this is another area where choice is important.

Do you go for a dry fly or go for an insect replica?

The colour of the fly could also be important, is there a colour for morning and a different one for night. Another thing to think about is weather you want to learn how to tie your own flies or are you better off buying them already done.

The choice of rod and fly could also affect the decision as to what line you will use.
The type of line you use may be also be influenced by what fish you are fishing for, larger fish will need a heavier line as appose to smaller fish.

You will have to decide on weather you want your line to float or sink, weather your fish feed on the surface or on the bottom.

Some anglers are quite happy to use a bomber or swim feeder, just cast their line out and relax on the riverbank and wait. Fly fishing on the other hand is much more a hands on approach; you need to be fully concentrated on the task ahead of you.

Tackle decisions can make the difference between having a fantastic day and having a ordinary day.

Most fly fishermen take it very seriously; it takes patience, dedication and practice to become a good fly fisherman. Choosing the right rod can be very tricky, with lots of different people having different ideas. Below are a few choices to help you.

A large number of rods these days are made from fibreglass, whether they are for fly fishing or regular fishing. The main downside of fibreglass rods is that they are heavier than graphite or bamboo rods which in turn could make your arm tired at the end of the day.

Despite this they are able to take a lot of punishment which makes them a popular choice.

Many of the older fishermen will not here a bad word said about these rods. Of coarse this is just someones opinion, but they were one of the first rods to be made and are still being made today.

There is a lot that goes into making a bamboo rod and for this reason they can tend to be one of the most expensive.

These tend to be quite stiff but that does not mean they are not effective. These rods give good flexibility and are quite strong. they give good performance and they can vary in price difference and quality.

Reels are another important piece of equipment, the abel fly reel is considered one of the best around.
A lot of parts are interchangeable from one reel to another making this a good choice.

Also it does not matter if you are left or right handed as they can be converted easily from one to another.

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