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I have a lowrance x47 and would like to know why the fish arches are not anything like the demo. They are normally small and not a complete arch. I've tried adjustments on the transducer and even compared it to a friends fish finder that is the same model. Is there something I can do to get the arches to be like the ones on the demo?

The response to his query is that Fish Arches shown in demo mode are created by a program. When you use the sonar in an real time, then you must account for depth, water clarity and how the fish will react in the water.

If for instance the area you are fishing is shallow, more than likely the fish will not stay in the zone long enough to record a properfish arch, or they will simply disperse. You may suggest to him try to set the unit in manual mode if he has the sonar in automatic and then raise the sensitivity to increase the power going to the transducer, which may improve the way it draws an arch.

He may also want to review our sonar tutorial on our web site to read up on the basic principals and provides some insight on Fish Arches.