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Question:Humminbird 565 and ice fishing?

I was wondering how well the Humminbird 565 fish finder would do for ice fishing?


You could make it work but it means, your going to need to carry a 12 volt supply like a motorcycle battery unless of course your talking about the Humminbird 565 Portable Fish Finder.

I purchased a Humminbird 383C Portable a few months ago, specifically for ice fishing and I have found it works well. It is lightweight, compact and easy to carry. I do recommend that when you are not using it to disconnect the battery from the head.

You will have to carry the head, power wires and transducer.

It will have a limited time out in the cold probably half of regular time. However, Humminbird indicates it takes about 8 hours of continuous charging to get a full charge and you looking at 16 hours of use.

You might want to look at fish finders made for icefishing like the Lowrance x67 Ice machine and the Humminbird 383C fish finder. Vexilar also has a couple of models. I guess it all depends in the end just how much icefishing you intend to do.

If your an enthusiast, you probably have a snowmobile or 4x4, portable shack, ice auger and sled plus an ice heater so the added equipment will not be that much to carry. Hope this helps
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IainS Loveman

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