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Question: What can you tell me about the Aqua View VPG?

What can you tell me about the new Aqua View VPG (vertical pixel graph) thanks. Also do you think I should wait till they drop in price for next year? Or do they?
Jon H

BRAINERD, MN, July 29, 2006
Announcing today another in a continuing series of exclusive fishing technologies, Nature Vision, Inc. released the new Vertical Pixel Graph (VPG).

In a unique, yet logical sonar presentation, the VPG displays the water column naturally top is top, bottom is bottom.

Unlike previous "flasher" technology that spun the underwater environment into a dizzying circular configuration, the VPG is straightforward and easy to operate, especially for first-time sonar users.
At the same time, the Vertical Pixel Graph boasts some of the most acute sonar features available.

The high-speed liquid crystal display packs 720 vertical pixels into a brilliantly crisp screen.
Such resolution yields target separation of less than one-half inch, providing the angler with a
super-precise picture of fish in relation to lures and bottom.

In addition, the unit's exclusive "Ice Mode" activates an internal heater, which keeps the crystals moving at highspeed, even in extremely cold conditions. Ice Mode also eliminates the top five-feet of the water column (the zone) most sonar units show as unnecessary "surface clutter."

Other features include auto depth range (in 20 feet increments to 240 feet), which alleviates the need to worry about switching between the right ranges, then trying to decipher depth, as on an old-school dial flasher. Digital depth is also always displayed, taking the guesswork out of depth itself.

The Vertical Pixel Graph offers adjustable zoom (displays the bottom 25-percent of the water column), adjustable sensitivity, ten levels of noise rejection, and night-glow backlit display. The unit contains a memory that preserves the user's preferred settings once it has been shut down and powered back on.

Finally, the unit's small, compact size and quick-charge port make it the ideal sonar unit for the super mobile angler. With a retail price of $229, the Vertical Pixel Graph is likely to become a staple tool among high-tech and beginning ice anglers alike.

Nature Vision, Inc., a publicly held corporation headquartered in Brainerd, Minnesota, created
Aqua-Vu, the first self-contained underwater viewing system in 1997.

Founded by President/CEO Jeff Zernov, Nature Vision continues to reinvent the outdoor experience. PRESS RELEASE

Standard Features Include:

  • 7.2-amp 12-volt battery and battery charger with "quick-charge" access
  • Neoprene softcase with Velcro enclosure
  • 200 kHz transducer frequency for maximum true resolution
  • 18-degree transducer angle (equals 3-square feet of bottom coverage in 10 feet of water
  • Retractable transducer arm extends over ice hole or fits smoothly into softcase
  • 1000-watts true RMS power
  • Target separation of less than 1/2-inch
  • Adjustable zoom can be targeted to view any segment of the water column
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • 10-level adjustable noise rejection
  • Auto range
  • Backlit night-glow display
  • Digital range control: 20', 40', 60', 80', 240'
  • "Ice Mode" heats LCD for continuous high-speed operation on the ice
  • Super low current draw for extended operation