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Question: Lowrance Ice Machine VS Vexilar F18

What is a better flasher, Lowrance Ice Machine or Vexilar F18 ?
John Weinhold

Hi John,
I am going to have to guess at your application, since you are looking at an ice machine, your getting ready for the upcoming season.

In this case your Lowrance wins hands down.

It beats the Vexilar in power 800 W Peak to Peak and up to 600 feet in depth
( this is dependent on conditions).

It also comes with with the battery and charger and goodies. If you wanted your Vexilar to do this you would have purchase the ice pack. You should check out Vexilar Products
for all their accessories. The price of accessories brings your price up considerably.

The Lowrance X67 also comes with GPS, Fish Reveal, Hyperscroll, ASP and other features. It is also my understanding that if your in with a group of guys who are also using fish finders, the Vexilar will pick up a lot of interference from being in close proximity to the multiple signals.

Of course on the other hand, I have yet to try using the Lowrance X67, for trolling behind my boat at 40mph. Ouch! Hope this helps.

After using a Vexilar FL 8 for over 7 years, I decided to try new technology with the Lowrance X67c Ice Machine. When I finally received my new "toy", I studied the booklet so I knew how to operate the finder on the ice.

I watched the DVD that accompanied the X67c several times, hoping it would show me how to use the unit ice fishing. As a scientist teacher for 35 years, I was very disappointed with what this DVD had to offer me as to how to start out using this ice fishing.

I tried the X67c twice and sent it back today and ordered the Vexilar FL 18.

While using this ice fishing, the depth would jump from 14.7-16.3 feet and the flasher jumping back and forth to the point where it drove you crazy. It was very hard to detect fish and several times I caught fish that did not show up on the flasher.

This would never happen with the old Vexilar and I am certain not with the new FL 18 that is coming.
I researched this product on the web and liked what it was suppose to offer but, after trying it in the field, I was glad that I had the option of returning-two very frustrating fishing trips that I had great expectations for. Keith the Perch Poacher

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