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Comments: Humminbird Matrix 47 Moisture Problem

I bought this unit (Humminbird Matrix 47) on January 2006 and immediately I had a moisture problem on the first day I took it out in the ocean in my sit-on-top kayak. On the second and third time the case was replaced my Humminbird, I had moisture problem immediately on the first day in the water.

I am now returning this unit for the 4th time in less than a year to the manufacturer. I missed a lot of good fishing days because of this faulty unit. I do not recommend buying Humminbird Matrix 47.
Ron d M

The following reflects directly on Humminbird's service policy which I strongly support. Remember that each case must be based on it's own merit and this is not a typical result. This report has been edited for length.

Have you been able to resolve your problems to your satisfaction with Humminbird?

No, I wrote a letter directly to the Repair Service Manager of Humminbird when I returned the unit for the 3rd time. They did NOT give me a 'new' replacement but just replaced the CASE again for the third time.

The first day I took it out in the ocean with the 'new' 3rd CASE replacement, the screen fogged again from just water splashed from the my paddle.

What I am telling you is true and I am not a person who will write a bad rap about a product but I had it with these people. If they only splash water after they put on the 2nd and 3rd replacement case, they will immediately know that the screen is still fogging.

You can imagine my frustration of making a long drive for a nice day of ocean fishing and the newly repaired unit was still fogging up. I spent over $600 including mounting and gps accessories to install this the sit-on-top kayak.

The sonar is permanently glue in my kayak and I put holes in my kayak already from the mounting.

Mr. R D M,
After discussion with Quality and Engineering, it has been determined that we should provide you with a unit that has a glass bonded front housing. Generally condensation is created in the space between the display and the glass at extreme temperature changes.

This glass bonding (while experimental for us) eliminates the space therefore eliminating condensation. Please understand that this is not a standard procedure for us.

While we have tested this on numerous occasions and been successful, you need to understand that this is a technique that we don't use every day.

Because of the curing time needed, your unit will not be ready to ship till Friday the 8th of December which will be shipping air at that time. We would appreciate any feed back you may have after using this product. I hope this will meet to your satisfaction.
Best Regards,

Dear J,
Thank you for taking care of this. However, I would like to request if you can test the unit there before shipping it to me. Just let the unit warm up and then just splash some VERY COLD water on the screen.

You do NOT have to soak the unit in a bucket of water but just splash it with COLD water. Pls let me know if the water spot will have water condensation behind the screen and I really need to know from your end if ALL your units HAVE THIS PROBLEM and that this is expected.

If the CONDENSATION is expected, I really do not know where to go from here since the unit is USELESS to me. Perhaps a disclosure to the public about this problem should take place.

Editor's Final Note:
This is the first case of condensation that I have heard about. It is also unique in that the Humminbird Matrix 47 was mounted on a Kayak.
What is not unique is that after contacting Humminbird, they immediately addressed the situation and are trying a new procedure to resolve the problem.
I suspect that if it works, it will become part of the manufacturing process. I have asked Ron to keep me posted as to the results.