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Question: I'm having trouble seeing the bottom?

Editor's Note: The following question relates directly to Lowrance's Service policy and as such I
thought needed further investigation. It has been edited for length and spelling.

"I have a Lowrance LCX15CT and I'm disappointed in it's performance I have had to call Lowrance six times to find out why the unit is having trouble seeing the bottom and color and fish and I get the same answer the transducer is going bad, and I have to send the unit back to them for a price.

If they would be honest about it and tell me they make a bad unit I could take that but no they keep wanting me to upgrade for more money. This will be the last time I will buy a Lowrance unit.

Does anyone have the same trouble I'm having and the same response for the company?"
Richard F

"It appears that you may not have given them a chance to correct the problem. Your comment indicates you have called them 6 times but did you send the unit in for service, repair, or investigation?

Occasionally, Lowrance like any other company will have a problem with a unit but that is not to say all units, yours is probably the exception. They have also indicated that they are not looking for you to upgrade.

My advice is to give them a chance and if your warranty is still good you should have no problem repairing or replacing the unit or transducer."

Editor's Note: I contacted Lowrance directly to see if I could resolve the issue for Richard and put them to the test.

"The consumer's issues, he is encountering with the LCX-15CT look to be related to depth and chart readings. Most of these problems can be traced back to a faulty transducer however, that it not to say there could be a problem with the LCX-15CT.

We would require that the system be sent into our office in order to confirm where the problem lies. Once the product has been verified, then we can determine what course of action would be required to correct the problem.

Depending on the age of the product if it is over the 1 year warranty, we would charge a replacement cost to exchange the unit for a replacement LCX-15CT if it is determined to be defective, or the cost of a new transducer."

Editor's Note: Seems like a pretty typical response, which I passed on to Richard and his response was the following.

"I sent the unit back for service one year eighth months ago, just after warranty for a cost of $200.00 dollars. The unit worked for about 50 turn ons and now it is doing the same thing. Thank you for the reply. I think that this condition is engineered in to the unit seems that it's about two years to the date."

"Certainly we will do our best to correct this problem and hope the problem does not re-occur, however, before we can proceed, we must have the unit sent back for evaluation. Please have the consumer send back his LCX-15CT to our Service Center located at 919 Matheson Blvd. East, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 2R7."

"I have been in contact with Lowrance and they will be sending me a new transducer to test the unit and to conclude if that is the problem. But if that does not fix the problem, I will not spend any more money on this unit. I have $1,400 invested so far and have used the unit about 30 times.
Thank you for all your help."

Editor's Final Note: I have asked Richard to let me know the results and I will post them if he replys.
I have complete faith in Lowrance's Service Policy but please remember that consideration must be taken into account for things like age, use, abuse and or neglect. Lowrance will do everything it can to repair or replace faulty equipment but it is also up to you the owner to care to protect your investment. Think about it, would you go out and buy a brand new car and never take it in for maintenance, or go four wheeling if its only 2 wheel drive?