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Trout Fishing Hints That Will Help You Catch

Trout Fishing Hints That Will Help You Catch That One You Can Brag About!
By Sam Phillips

Fishing is something I have always enjoyed, and over the years I have picked up many trout fishing hints and safety tips.

These have all been learned through my own experience, along with what others have shared with me, and they have saved me many a heartbreak. May I now share them with you so that your fishing pleasure will know no bounds, and you will excel with the fishers dream of utopia.

A - Hooks catch fish. They can also catch your own body or your eyes - even someone else around you. This can happen to a long time, well experienced fisher. Mistakes can happen to anyone, and carelessness can be dangerous so please be careful.

B - A wide and long cap or hat can save you much discomfort from glaring sun on the water, as well as a good pair of sunglasses.

C - Fish evidently have both very good hearing and eyesight. They probably see you long before you see them, and no doubt hear you as well. Some recommend pulling your boots or shoes off, but please don't be that foolish. Glass, sharp rocks, snags, rusted cans, as well as snakes and other things along with common sense forbid this.

Simply walk slowly, and as soft as possible on land or wading in water. Shoe soles can make sounds against gravel or rock, so just tread slow and easy to your destination, and try to hide behind bushes and debris as much as possible.

D - For more successful fishing, watch what you wear. Never wear bright clothes, or clothes that contrast with the surroundings. Fish can see you much better when you help them with loud or contrasting clothing.

E - Decide before you leave home what fishing equipment you'll need to take. Take a pen or pencil with a notepad, and first write down everything you want to go with you. Then, as you load up these things, simply mark them off as you load. This not only assures that you don't forget an important item, but many times you'll realize you don't need that unnecessary weight and you can mark it out leaving it behind.

Writing stuff down before hand has caused me to often realize I was way overboard on what I really needed, and have left as much as half the things that were not needed behind. Your list can be your most important item even before you begin loading.

F - One of the most important trout fishing hints I can give you, is to remember to take two of all fishing equipment, such as a tackle box, rod and reel, and water or refreshments when going on a fishing trip. How many times have you gone fishing, way out in the middle of nowhere, only to drop something in the water, watching it disappear down the stream or to the waters bottom?

G - Summer and warm weather brings out the pesty creatures. These little demons can make life miserable for a fisherman, no matter how high his fishing fever is. Some people use natural remedies and others the strongest thing they can find, but whatever you use, don't forget to bring a double supply in case one has gone bad.

Well, I truly hope these trout fishing hints will help you to catch so many fish, your boat starts to sink, and you have to give half to someone else who hasn't caught any. That way, both of you can go home and brag about what great fishermen you are. Happy fishing!

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