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Trout Fishing Techniques and Tips

By Iain Loveman

Iain Loveman

If you are fishing trout of any species in a river environment I would be betting on a spinner to catch your prize. I would also be looking to perfect the "downstream swing" as the best presentation.

The "swing" is easy, find your hotspot. Some examples would be where two currents come together, a major obstacle like a boulder or a rapid change in water depth.

Set yourself upstream at a 45' angle, cast straight out an slightly upstream and use the rod and reel to bring your spinner into the "hot spot".

When it comes to fly-fishing clearly it is all about the flies, tying trout flies can indeed be a laborious task should you elect to try. When it comes to tying, you need a steady hand and a good idea what the trout will most likely be willing to hit.

This is usually where some research comes into play, knowing what the trout's main diet is will only further your understanding of what would be the best bait to land that prized trout.
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A lot of today's fly-fisherman carry high-tech fly rods with modern graphite elements and reels that are far superior to those of yesteryear. So why shouldn't there be a creel that incorporates modern technology? Well, there is -- the Arapaho Ice House Creel. It's a modern-day tool for the fly-fishermen of today.

Imagine yourself exploring a small tranquil stream -- lost in your own world yet in the thick of trout country. Cascading waterfalls, riverbank critters and satisfying solitude are yours to enjoy and explore for the length of a day.

Thousands of tiny creeks and rivers call North America home, and the wondrous colors and energetic tussle that the resident brookies, browns and rainbows exhibit is like discovering a new realm in the land of angling fun.

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