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Netted TroutFishing:

Only trout are found in the Blue Lake area and the associated lakes. These are wild and self-propagating, not stocked. Blue Fox Camp catches included: ..

  • * Lake Trout, 10 pounds, Dr. Jack Long.
  • * Lake Trout on a fly, 10 pounds, Geoff Bernardo.
  • * Rainbow Trout, 5.5 pounds, Rick West.
  • * Speckled Trout, 4.5 pounds, Dennis Allen
  • * Speck on a fly, 7 pounds, Will Samis

Largest number of fish in a day:

  • * 2 Lake trout (8 lbs. & 6 lbs.), * 2 Rainbow Trout both 3 lbs.

Shower And Sauna:Shower And Sauna:
This separate facility is strategically and conveniently located at camp. A relaxing way to end a busy day. All outdoor washrooms are new and modern containing sink, mirror and running water.

Female Facilities:Female Facilities:
Every effort has been made to encourage female acceptance of a wilderness vacation experience. We have added a four-bedroom facility with indoor bathroom, hot and cold running water and shower. A comfortable living room is also provided.