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Lac Aux Foins May Long Weekend

By Iain Loveman

Iain Loveman

After a dismal and disappointing winter some of the crew and myself managed to get away for the May long weekend to do some walleye fishing.

Now, remember this year it came early and after several weeks of discussion on where we were going, who is going to go and when we were leaving the boys and myself were ready to roll.

The fishing destination was contributed by our newest member, Denis (he is of course related to several of the existing members ).

Denis has this special spot in Quebec that he goes to every year where the walleye fishing is just unbelievable. Now add the fact that a few of the boys have family living in the area and you can understand why we decided on Lac aux Foins, Quebec.

The guys that made it were Guy, Roger, Simon, Denis, Roger's buddy, John, Denis's brother and wife and myself. Guy and I packed up the truck and boat and left early so we didn't have to push ourselves. I would recommend that if possible you apply it to any of your future outings.

It not only allows you to relax, but you save fuel and beat the traffic reducing your stress level even more and if your lucky you might spot a moose, deer, bear or fox along the side of the road or in a field.

I found that even at our easy going pace we still made excellent time, so much so that we couldn't stay at any of the rendezvous points and meet up with the rest of guys who were flying up the highway after finishing their day's work.

Our final destination, where we were all to gather was Moffet a little hamlet about two hours drive east of Temiscaming.

The pictures below give a chronological order of the last 60 kms. of our trip into the bush to the place we would call home for the next few days. The group shot is in a little town called Belleterre, what is
to be our last and closest link to civilization as we know it.

Remember, to stock up with any of your last minute supplies, like beer because there is no such thing as taking a drive down to your local store and being back in five minutes. In fact the trip into the bush took us just over 2 1/2 hours.

In our quest to get there we encountered obstacles such as washouts, beaver dams, brush and branches. In the end we found our destination and before we could unpack we were out on the lake fishing. In less than 4 hours the whole group had caught our limits and we were happy campers.

Then the weather decided to do a 180 and the next thing we knew we were bundled up in snowmobile suits for the rest of the weekend. Unbelievable.

It got so bad that to confirm our return to basecamp we had to rely on waypoints from our GPS.

Of course this directly affected our fishing and the boys had a hard time to even bring in a few stragglers. It wasn't that they weren't there, oh no, they just seemed to hang in about 30' of water and had no interest.

We couldn't beat mother nature so we just played along and made the best of it. The food, beer and company was the best so how could you ask for more... hmmmm.... maybe a little warmer next time.

Iain S Loveman

The boys set out from Belleterre Blazing a trail to Lac Aux Foins
Beaver dams are no problem. Denis and his pickerel