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Chesapeake Bay Is A Fishing Paradise

By Adrian Adams

For the avid sport fisherman, the ideal vacation or weekend get-away is going to include going to at least one hot fishing spot.

Chesapeake Bay definitely fills the bill.

If you are looking for a great time fishing, be sure to give Chesapeake Bay fishing a try. There are many hot spots and fishing charters to choose from.

You may very well want to plan several trips, trying a different spot each time.

Then you can go back to your favorites time and time again. When planning your trip, be sure you become familiar with all the regulations and licensing requirements.

Exactly what they are will differ depending on where in Chesapeake Bay you are going. The waters of Chesapeake Bay are divided between two states, Maryland and Virginia.

Each state has different regulations and licensing requirements, so make sure you are legal for the waters you will be fishing in.

Though you could probably rent a boat and just go out on your own, if it is your first time, it is best to charter an experienced charter boat. It will eliminate the frustration of not being sure of where you are going, what equipment is best and how to find the hot spots.

A charter captain knows where the hottest fishing spots are what bait or lure is best to use for what species of fish. You can easily find plenty of charters to choose from by typing 'Chesapeake Bay fishing' into Google or your favorite search engine.

The results will astound you. You can look over the various charters available at your leisure and narrow down your options.

Make a list of questions you would like answered and contact the ones you are interested in. This will help you choose one the will make your Chesapeake Bay fishing experience one you will remember as a highlight in your life.

If you would like to choose your charter based on where in the bay you would like to fish, knowing where some of the hot spots could help.

Chesapeake Bay is divided into three areas - upper bay, middle bay and lower bay.A notable hot spot in the upper bay for summer fishing is Belvidere Shoal and in the lower bay is Bowler's Rock for just about the entire fishing season.

The middle bay have quite a few hot spots including Chinese Mud, Cedar Point, Cedar Point Rips, Hog Point, Thomas Point, Stone Rock, Summer Gooses, St. Leonard's Lump, The Ice Box and many more.

The species of fish you fish for can vary according to the time of year you fish.

Beginning in April and May, Rockfish (striped bass) and Bluefish can be caught throughout the season. Black Drum are most likely to be good fishing from June through September. June through November is good for Speckled Trout, Flounder, Croaker, Spot and Perch.

You can choose the time you want to go by what you are most interested in catching. If you are interested in catching trophy Rockfish, check to see when trophy season is and plan your trip for that time.

On a last note, another reason to book a charter boat, besides the expertise in where to go, how best to catch fish and taking care of hundreds of other details, the charter crew will often clean and ice down your catch for you. This leaves you free to fully enjoy Chesapeake Bay fishing.

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