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Life of a Largemouth Bass

By Chris Bowser

The Largemouth Bass is American's all-out favorite game fish!

It is probably the most glamorous species in the fresh waters of the world today. The largemouth is fundamentally a lake fish, and that is where it colonizes best. It is not a scavenger, it is strictly predaceous!

It is not fussy about food.

"If it moves, eat it!" is a kind of motto of the species.

We bass fishermen today are fortunate that our predecessors in their wisdom saw fit to introduce this species of fish into waters far beyond its natural habitat.

Largemouth bass are now to be found extensively in "warm" freshwaters around the world.

However, because this bass is by nature exceptionally wary of the dangers affecting its existence, it is frequently frustrating to not be consistently successful in catching them.

The Largemouth Bass is the basic freshwater game fish. He is voracious as a predator but extremely wary of danger and spends only a very small portion of each day actually feeding.

The largemouth bass are extremely curious and this results in a good many getting hooked early in life. But they soon become wary (maybe "educated" is a better word) and often this leads anglers to believe a lake is "fished out" or does not contain many bass.

A largemouth bass soon learns that lures, especially those it sees most often, can get it into trouble.

The quality of fish and fishing can be readily diminished by too much angling pressure (at least by too much removal of the larger breeding-size bass).

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