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Staying On Top of Topwater Bass Fishing

By E.S. Cromwell

Of all the types of fishing an angler can experiment and perhaps become extremely proficient in, top water bass fishing is without a doubt one of the most exciting and enjoyable.

Most fishing goes unseen, in terms of the exact moment a fish strikes a lure.

Yet, with topwater fishing there is a distinct action advantage and visual stimulation involved.

This added visual appeal and response that comes with topwater fishing is priceless in terms of angling pleasure, even if the result is a missed strike where a bass swims away.

It's certain, if one is seeking an ultimate bass angling experience, topwater fishing is exactly what should be sought to disrupt calm and mundane fishing waters.

Float On With Style and Functionality

Using bait and/or lures that float on top of the water is what makes top water fishing more of an exciting angling experience than other style of fishing. Lures are primarily used, specifically ones labeled, suitably enough, as 'topwaters.' These types of lures are quite fancy looking, produced in realistic, true-to-bait fish fashion with lifelike appearances and patterning to appeal to fishes sensory receptors. Most topwaters are hollow-bodied and made from hard durable plastic or wood with a standard tail treble hook, and in some cases, two belly-bottom trebles.

The key with such topwaters is being able to cast out as far as humanly possible. This in mind, topwater lures are designed with aerodynamics to stream through the air and reach far off distances, whether casted from within a boat or from the coastline of a water's edge. Once a far distance cast is achieved the best aspect of topwater fishing follows, working the lure!

Tactics For Topwater Fishin'

Most anyone, despite their angling skills, can attempt and even master the basics of topwater fishing. It's a bit of work, but it's really worth the effort. The concept is elementary, and basically involves being able to fish on the surface on freshwater bodies of water. The trick though, is being able to manipulate the way one's lure acts, floats and reacts atop the water's surface.

Mainly, what's required here is a decent ability or coordination, specifically hand eye coordination. Topwater fishing starts with one's eyes and ends with one's wrists. Using one's eyes to watch the lure (particularly the way it reacts) is foremost. Secondly, using ones' wrist to control line pull, tug and twitch, and thus lure action, atop the water's surface is the enticing element fish beneath the water's surface are fully drawn to. Techniques for fishing in a topwater manner can vary from popping the lure to walking it or twitching it.

Keeping Line In Mind

All the above cannot be done with out proper line tension. A topwater angler's best bet to reel in massive amounts of bass, both trophy worthy and average size, are to keep their line reasonably taut at all times. Without doing this, the way the lure tied to the end of the line reacts will not appear natural or act in the correct manner which it was intended. Thus, a slacked cast will yield sloppy and non-realistic topwater fishing. And keeping as realistic as possible with one's topwater lure presentation and action is crucial, especially since bass react to lifelike lure movement.

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