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Fish Finder Frequently Asked Questions Volume 5

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Hey guys, I bought a Eagle Cuda 168 a couple of years ago and was thinking of using it for ice fishing. They sell transducer for it but how good would it be compared to Vexilars?
Would I be able to see my bait down there?
Jon H

I think you will have a bit of a problem using your Eagle Cuda 168 for ice fishing, unless you use it in a heated hut or can keep it warm. The storage and operating temperature goes to -4 F or -20 C. The unit is only a 100 watts RMS and you should be able to pick up your bait to about 40 feet approximately.

Vexilar to Eagle is like comparing apples to oranges. The Vexilar's for the most part are Flasher units (Fl20, Fl18, Fl10), However they do have the newly designed Edge 2 and Edge 3. The Vexilar line is built with ice fishing in mind but can be used for the "soft water" season.

If you would like to know more about flashers -->
Basically what a flasher does is the same thing as your Eagle without the "translating" they use to make the graph. So, in effect your fishing in real time. They are easy to read, but it does take a little practice.