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Fishing Tales and Stories From The Editor

By Iain Loveman

Iain Loveman

"Not Just Fishing!" is a passion of mine that has been growing over the past few years. It came about after a horrific motorcycle accident. The site started with a few simple pages and has grown into a resource centre for fishing, boating, camping and rving in Ontario, Canada. The site includes a complete list of marinas, campgrounds and seasonal ice hut operators.

Not Just Fishing! is located in Holland Landing about a 15 minutes drive from world reknown, Lake Simcoe. So it is not uncommon to find me trolling around looking for those elusive walleye, trout, whitefish, pike and perch. However, I prefer the hard water angling due to the fact it is a lot less crowded. Unfortunately it only stays around for a short time each year.

If you get the chance I invite you, your family and friends to venture here and enjoy some Canadian hospitality, Eh! The site keeps me pretty busy, so I need your help. If you happen to have a story or two about fishing, boating, camping and rving you would like to share with us, it would be greatly appreciated. If you own one of the products on the site and have an opinion send us a review and I will certainly post it or you can do it yourself by using our message board located  HERE.

I hope you find the ARCHIVES interesting and informative. They are a collection of some of my fishing, boating, camping and rving experiences. I am sure that you will see that not everything goes as planned for your outing. So be prepared.

If you have a tall tale you would like to share, please, don't hesitate to write it down and send it to Not Just Fishing!. If you have a pic or two to go with it send them along, you know what they say, " a picture is worth a thousand words".

I hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon because I will be adding more adventures and you never know when I might be fishing on your favourite lake or spending some time lounging at a camp site or rv park near you.

Iain S Loveman

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