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Fly Tying With the Improved Clinch Knot

By Marilyn Roberts

Fly Fishing at Sunset

Fly fishing is a great way to challenge yourself and relieve your stress at the same time.
There is nothing else in the world quite like fly fishing.

It is something that takes real skill and a lot of practice to master. Yet even before you get really good at it, you will fall in love with the sport.

There are many different aspects to fly fishing that need to be practiced and perfected. One of the most important of all is fly tying. After all, if you do not properly tie the fly while you are fly fishing, then you could very well lose a fish just after you hook it.

The fly is actually tied to the tippet, which is at the end of the fly fishing line. The easiest and most widely used method for fly tying is the Improved Clinch Knot.
However, this method of fly tying should only be used for under twenty pound test.

For fly tying with the Improved Clinch Knot, first you have to put five or six inches of the tipper through the eye of the hook.

Then take the tag end of the tippet and, going away from the hook, wrap it five times around the standing part of the tippet.

Next, in the space between the hook eye and the first wrap, push the tag end of the tippet through.

This should create an open loop above the wraps.

Take the tag end of the tippet and put it through this loop.

Then pull on the tie just until the knot begins to tighten.

As you tighten the knot while fly tying, slowly pull on both ends, the hook and the standing part of the tippet. Do this until the knot is firmly against the hook.

Then cut off the excess line at the tag end of the tippet.

Remember to always properly dispose of your excess line when you are through tying your fly. Do not litter and help to destroy the very nature that you love.

Also remember that this type of fly tying only works for fly tying that is below twenty pounds of test.

Fly fishing is a great hobby for anyone who likes a challenge. It is also great to help relieve stress. One of the most important parts of fly fishing is fly tying.

If this is not done correctly you may lose that big fish that you worked so hard to catch. The most popular and easiest way to tie a fly is to use the Improved Clinch Knot method.

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