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Hit and Run for Bass

By Martin F Rogers

For the past 33 years I have been on the lookout for an all around bass lure that can be used in the hundreds of ponds, park district and forest preserve lakes that surround my urban world called the Chicago land area and I have found it.

I needed a bass lure that would be suitable for just about any bank fishing situation and one that can be carried in my pocket if need be.

My current fast paced lifestyle forces me to be selective in the amount of time that can be dedicated to my favorite hobby and past time, bass fishing.

When I see a new body of water I pull over, grab my medium action spinning rod that is rigged with a rabbit hair wacky worm, and cast for 15 minutes or so.

When I am on the road whether doing errands or on business, I have a great opportunity to explore new places, possibly catch a bass at a new fishing hole close to home.

No matter the time of year (excluding winter); I make my first cast parallel to the shore, no more than 3 feet out. I gradually work my casts further and further from shore until I get that first strike.

After the first bass is landed and released, I concentrate on the same distance from shore, still working the lure so it moves parallel to the shoreline.

After 15 minutes is up I get a firm understanding of the quality of fishing spot it is, and what my next planned trip will entail.

The trick to this "hit and run" largemouth bass fishing tactic for busy people can only be successful if you are prepared at all times and you travel light. Traveling light means that you have a medium action rod with a spinning reel and a plastic, slow sinking lure such as a rabbit hair wacky worm already tied on ready to go.

It is important to have a slow sinking lure since most park district or forest preserve bodies of water are rather shallow and full of vegetation, near the very mucky bottom.

If you used a diving or heavy lure such as a crankbait, you will spend the majority of your fifteen minutes removing algae, weeds and other debris from your lure.

The slow sinking rabbit hair wacky worm will sink and find the proper depth for you. You will enjoy yourself immensely and have a much better chance of success if your lure is spends a majority of its time fishing rather than snagging.

It can be extremely challenging finding the time to do some quality bank fishing let alone catch some fish with your favorite bass fishing lure, but with a little time management and planning, you will find that there is way to hit and run for bass.

Martin F Rogers has been bank fishing for largemouth bass for over 30 years and has mastered several urban bass fishing techniques. His company Martindale International services small companies by marketing unique products via the web, tradeshows and word of mouth. Mr. Rogers' main goal is to find and market products that will increase the users' quality of life whether it pertains to necessities or even hobbies such as bass fishing.

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